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Costa Rica is strategically located

Costa Rica is strategically located between North and South America

Costa Rica is strategically located between North and South America, in an area known as Central America. It is also known as the Switzerland of Central America, primarily because of their traditional peace and democracy, and also because the army was abolished in 1948.Real Estate in Costa RicaThe 18% of the country's protected areas and national parks. The country is home to 6% of the world's biodiversity. 

Its beautiful beaches of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea are visited by thousands of tourists every year. Forests impressive, majestic volcanoes wetlands are also an important part of your enjoyment during your visit. 

Costa Rica has expanded its trade and investment in recent years with countries like China, which is considered one of the strongest economies in the world and has the second largest economy after the United States. UU ..Recently, the CAFTA (Central America Free Trade Agreement) was signed between Costa Rica and the United States of America, including all Central American countries. 

The President of the Republic of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias Sanchez (Nobel Prize in 1987) aims to improve investment in the dynamic economies of our hemisphere to ensure a better quality of life for its inhabitants.Many multinational companies have established operations in Costa Rica, such as Intel, Hewlett Packard, Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, Sykes, Four Seasons, IBM, Hilton Hotels Corporation, Citigroup International, Cisco Systems Inc.. and Phelps Dodge International Corporation.Legal in Costa Rica, no minimum income requirement or placed in investments for projects taking place in any economic sector.
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There are incentives for productive investment and exports of goods and services in Costa Rica. These incentives include free zones and into the.

Costa Rica is a country that welcomes new trade and investment for the following reasons: there is no change in monetary values ​​and no restrictions on how to distribute capital gains. Here is information on proven resources of real estate in Costa Rica.Our experience covers a wide area royal collection in ideal locations for living, retiring or investing in Costa Rica. Our real estate inventory features a special assortment of: luxury beach properties, houses, condos, investment properties, farms, mountain properties and vacation rentals. 

Costa Rica is a beautiful country, peaceful and stable! Experience life at its best!

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Plants Ants Costa Rica

Costa Rica Butterflies, ants, plants and bulbs

A butterfly lays its eggs on plants is when the larvae begin feeding on the eggs laying on the ground. It's like giving birth to a baby in an all you can eat buffet and the baby just stay and eat lunch buffet. They say it's more or less the butterfly larva is "eating machines".

Ants in many parts of the forest have a symbiotic relationship with plants. What does the word symbiotic say? Close symbiotic relationship between two species benefit or dependence. In the jungle of the relationship between ants and plants in many cases, is symbiotic.
 Ants feed on plants are essentially extra nectaries sugar factory produces ant.

It is in the best interest of the ant in order to protect the plant because the plant is the food source for the ants. In return, the ants protect the plant against predators. This is where the larvae of butterflies and plants are known.

If a butterfly lays its eggs on a plant that has a symbiotic relationship with a species of ant that can be expected from the ants to destroy the eggs before the larva has the chance to be born and start eating the plant can cause the plant dies.

There are many plants in the jungle with a symbiotic relationship with ants. So then of course not the butterfly eggs eaten by ants?

Well, had to adapt butterfly laying eggs on the tips of the leaves that the ants do not visit. When the eggs are placed here are less likey to discovered and removed by ants.

 The butterfly as recent studies have developed an odor that is discharged from its belly tricks ants into thinking that this is really an ant larvae. Nature continues and continues to adapt to something else.

Now that is something interesting how nature continues to adapt to its environment.

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Damas Island Tour

 Damas Island

Located 45 minutes south of Jaco, opposite Isla Damas, in this short tour we will stop to see a panoramic view of Playa Jaco and Playa Hermosa for you to take stunning photographs and have a nice memory of one of the most natural and friendly tours that we offer.

Our adventure begins in a stunning mangrove full of life and diversity, cross the heart of the mangrove and hopefully we can see one of the two species of Boa constrictor, raccoons, birds, basilisks, multicolored crabs, three different types of typical mangrove trees possibly crocodiles and of course the friendly monkeys white cari also known as cappuccinos, which almost always enjoy our boat also addressed.

 All this can be enjoyed through the various channels that give way through a thick mangrove and from a boat safe and comfortable in the company of more experienced naturalist guide who will take you to understand and learn about this fascinating and different wild lifestyle for 2 hours. Then you may dislike our most typical dish on "The Married" accompanied by a refreshing beverage in a nice ranch palms.

 This interesting tour will take just as long as the tide permitted us since the mangrove is located amid the mainland and the Damas Island near the mouth of the Rio Paquita. Mangrove Monkey Tour

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Costa Rica Rafting Tours

Costa Rica Rafting Tours

Rafting in Costa Rica: Explosion of the mountain, just 40 minutes northeast of Antonio Rica Quepos / Manuel Costa breathe better start your trading career.

Chorro section begins in the mountain town of Esquipulas. Our journey into sculpture exposed rocky rivers, making this exciting youth section Naranjo River Costa Rica geological exception. This gun 3 km delight adventure lovers delight with decreases and crosses around 12 technicians.

Be prepared! to recover and move through narrow rocky gorges maneuver and cut around huge rocks and curves, and unfolds through unforgettable falls hard. Table 2 miles long Obelisk fast as the dragon's tail, and Asteric Jet.
Among the work that we have the opportunity to attend the jungle giving several species of birds like the Toucan Jaw, Araucaria, and various types of kingfishers. This unique and exciting opportunity with H2O offers a firsthand the natural beauty of Costa Rica and dominant rivers. Enjoy the tip.

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Costa Rica Corcovado National Park

Corcovado National Park

Corcovado National Park is located the Osa Peninsula in the southwest corner of the country.
Corcovado is located in a place of an undeniable beauty, this nature reserve is considered the largest in the country.
Corcovado Wow the visitors, it's rainforest that wrapped in the colors and smells of the jungle. This park has miles of deserted beaches, natural waterfalls, arousing the curiosity of visitors around the world connects.

There are eight habitats in the park, the Main forest, height forest, cloud forest, alluvial plains and marshes and Other.
Corcovado has at least 13 different types of vegetation, These can be seen up close, including mangroves, palm swamps and a variety of herbs make this dream botanist

With over 500 species of trees, 140 species of mammals, 367 species of birds, 40 species of freshwater fish and 117 species of amphibians recorded in this region in general, Corcovado National Park has been called "... One of the most biologically intense places on Earth "by National Geographic.
Jaguars, anteaters, tapirs, deer and cats themselves, Spider monkeys and quirky tropical animals including several inhabited these lands and surrounding waters.

This is a place to study frogs, venomous animals and snakes. In the center of the Park a lagoon full of crocodiles.